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The BWH Hotel Group is expanding its portfolio in Austria with an Alpine design hotel and is committed to sustainable tourism, greener is better for the environment.

The brand conveys the emotional added value of a stay in Austria and wants to set Austria apart from other holiday destinations. The Hotel Goldener Adler offers guests in Innsbruck's old town a place to search for identity with its unique design and style. Austria is advertised as a holiday destination, including the development of the brand slogan "Urlaub Österreich." And grafting weapons and taboos is also part of it: Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, has been a Federal Republic since its introduction and has distinguished itself over the last 30 years as an all-in-one destination in the world, which includes the development and branding of the slogan "Holiday Austria." Austrian culture and culture, as well as its cultural heritage and history, with a special focus on the history of the country.

Moritz Zdekauer used plates with the "MZ Austria" sign to produce porcelain, but no Vienna sign is built in. In the middle of the 19th century, the porcelain factory in Vienna had to close, although some particularly pure "Viennese" porcelain continued to be extremely popular. The Royal Austrian Porcelain Factory ceased to be part of the Austrian porcelain industry, under which it had worked from 1884 to 1909, and instead became part of the OEPIAG, the "Austrian porcelain industry," in 1918.

Located in the United Nations building in the Austria Center, the hotel offers excellent service at an affordable price. It is part of the BWH Hotel Group of Central Europe and thus belongs to its hotel group "Central Europe." This includes hotels in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Austria.

Select the address in the city of Austria from the suggested list and select "Austria Austria Best Western Hotel." General information, including directions to the hotel, where you can enter your address, and other information about the hotel and its location. Select the address of the hotel in Austria best Western from a list. Select from this list the location of a hotel in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the United States of America.

To expand your list of activities in Innsbruck, go to the list of "Gasthäuser Bruck" and continue to the nearby cities of Graz and Wiener Neustadt. Our family also likes to visit the Vienna Autoshow and the Ferien Messe in Vienna are just two examples.

The airport is only a few minutes from the city centre and a short walk from all hotels in Innsbruck.

Salzburg is located in the centre of Austria and includes the Alps and lakes, which invite travellers to a relaxing holiday. The BWH Hotel Group's headquarters are also satisfied with their location in the heart of the capital, Vienna. It is also known as Vienna's green lung, and the Prater is just one example: Lake Kaprun is home to Austria's largest park and one of Germany's most popular tourist attractions. Linz, an undeniably exciting city, also offers a number of beautiful parks where visitors can sit back and relax. There is a well-kept park, which invites you to stay almost everywhere, such as Schlossberg Park, a beautiful park with a magnificent view of Lake Constance, as well as other parks.

The sound and music feeling is just one of the many reasons why people flood the cities of Austria. The best places in Austria are full of attractions such as the Ringstrasse in Vienna, which is dominated by beautifully maintained museums and music halls, as well as areas throughout the country famous for their beautiful parks and beautiful landscapes. Surrounded by the Alps, Innsbruck is the most popular destination in Austria, offering a variety of attractions, from visiting the Alps Zoo to taking the Stubai Tram. As the urban capital of the Tyrol, it has warmly accepted the invitation to host the Winter Olympics twice.

There are outstanding and convincing factors that make Schloss Monchstein one of the best luxury hotels in Austria. For business and leisure trips, the Hotel Shillerpark is a must, and the charming city of Vienna awaits you. All rooms in the hotel, including breakfast, are booked directly online on our website or by telephone from all over Austria and beyond.

We recommend the EASY City Pass for Vienna, which can be used for the entire stay. With this Viennese street panorama you can enjoy a virtual tour through the streets of Vienna.

As the most charming hotel in the world, choosing this elite hotel in Salzburg offers you the opportunity to glimpse the fiction - the inspired ambience of the city, balanced with the modernity of its surroundings. The Courtyard Linz is considered one of the best luxury hotels in Austria, where modernisation and an excellent location can be found in just one accommodation.

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