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Austria's leading hotel company, the InterContinental Hotels Group, has announced the opening of its first international hotel in Vienna, Austria. The Intercontinental Vienna is the first hotel of the international hotel group to be founded in the Austrian capital.

This hotel is located in the picturesque mountain landscape of the Austrian Alps in the heart of Vienna's historic city centre, only a few minutes away by car from the main railway station.

Enjoy a wide selection of whiskies and cocktails, or enjoy a delicious brunch or dinner with a view and work on your own or work in one of the many private dining rooms at the hotel. Guests can enjoy local dishes inspired by award-winning gourmet chefs, while the LAGANA Bar offers guests a space to relax with a drink with friends and family. There is no better way to evoke memories than sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying the wide range of whiskies and cocktails in the world-class bar and restaurant with breathtaking views of Vienna and the Alps.

Here you can enjoy breakfast all day, hot and cold snacks and happy hour in the afternoon. Other facilities at the hotel include a full-service bar and a restaurant with a wide selection of whiskies, cocktails and cocktails. The housekeeping department in the office is involved in all aspects of cleanliness, which is also good for business. For its environmental efforts, InterContinental Vienna has received the Ecoprfit certificate, which recognizes sustainable business practices for Austrian companies.

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The façade of the building may not be the most beautiful in the city, but the hotel's beautiful wood-panelled lobby hangs over a large ballroom, ideal for hosting elegant events. The lobby and bar were last renovated in June 2009 and renovated in 2011, and the design style dates back to the early 20th century, a time of great art and architecture in Viennese architecture. It was the first of its kind in Vienna and became a favourite of the Viennese long ago.

The lounge is nice and offers great views, but since the 601 is on the 6th floor, it does not have to be expressed at check-in or check-out. If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, visit one of the hotel's private lounges, such as the lobby or bar. The lounge is not a must - but it is beautiful and offers great views. Reviews can only be written by customers who have booked through and stayed at the property in question. will make no attempt to hide the fact that someone has been in the accommodation or to communicate it to others, and advertising content will be removed. Any questions concerning your service should be forwarded to Customer Service or the Accommodation Service Team. Contact us to get the latest offers for your holiday and to get more information about the hotel.

Close to the renowned Vienna State Opera, visitors from all over the world enjoy excellent local pastries and Cafe Oper continues the centuries-long Viennese coffee tradition. Start your day with a rich breakfast buffet and a bottle of wine or champagne is a must. The local wines are specially selected and available in various styles, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Chablis.

Fortunately, the bar offers a wide range of other drinks, including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails and even beer and wine cocktails, as well as wine and champagne.

Plachutta is especially known for its beef dishes and has become a bastion of a number of traditional Viennese cuisine. Every day, various beef specialities such as sauerkraut, lapwing, sausages, pork chops and even pork ribs are on the menu of the Viennese beef paradise. It offers a wide selection of dishes from the local restaurants in Vienna, which make for an unforgettable stay.

To the left of the city park is the Kursalon Hubner, where classical concerts take place in the evenings. Executive Suite 1102 offers a great view over the city centre, where a remarkable festival of contemporary music called "WienModern" is taking place. There is the coin Die Münze Osterreich, which offers a wide selection of food and drinks from the local restaurants in Vienna as well as a variety of special events.

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